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  1. I have been using the Alina Vitamin C Serum and really liked it so when I came across this Alina Anti Aging Moisturizer I wanted to give it a try and boy I am glad I did. It is wonderful!!! I have to be very careful with which products I try, my pores clog easily and I have gotten milia from other products I have tried but not with this product. My pores are clean and no new milia since I have been using it. I originally was looking for a moisturizer because I tried a product that really died out my skin, it was horrible, scaly and red all over. I needed something and I needed it to work quickly and this did the trick and fast. After just two days my skin was back in fair condition and after a week it was back to normal again. I swear by this stuff after that experience. What a blessing this product was for me. If you decide to try it I am sure you will not be disappointed, especially if you have super sensitive skin. I like the packaging as well, the pump works and gives you the perfect amount so you don’t get more than you need and because you don’t ever touch the portion your not using it is very sanitary and it comes in a glass bottle. Way better than other other more expensive products I have used. But the best thing is that my wrinkles are getting less noticeable! This product is over priced! Extremely over priced. There’s also an alcohol feel to it, it dried out my skin every time I used it. Finally switched to a more basic face lotion and my skin has already visibly improved. This one is definitely a scam.

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